• Image of Culture of Pain Patch
  • Image of Culture of Pain Patch

- 12" Embroidered Patch
- Iron-on Backing
- Embroidered on reflective vinyl

Made in the USA

"I do not consent to participate in a culture of pain" - Alice Gosti

ALICE GOSTI IS AN ARCHITECT OF EXPERIENCES. Dancer and performer, she is primarily a space transformer.

Reject the caustic culture that has been made for us whenever possible. It's not cool or attractive to fetishize or idealize pain, suffering or depression. Commit to positivity.

This patch is 12" long and 1" tall and probably wants to be an arm-band or something.

Because it is backed in reflective safety vinyl, this patch will glow brightly when exposed to light. While it is grey-on-grey normally, when exposed to flash it reflects and reads clearly. This technique also serves to protect from unwanted flash photography and paparazzi, doubling down on the meaning of the patch.