• Image of Only Here Physically Back Patch

- Iron-on Backing
- 12" Back Patch

Made in the USA

More photos coming. Every patch sold will come with a 2" 24HR MART employee badge embroidered patch.

This is a truly massive back patch. Weighing in at 12" tall and 9 1/4" wide, this back patch is for the energetically inclined with a wandering mind. Alternatively it is for the physically absent but mental gymnastic. Or wear it sideways and display balance?

I made this patch during a time of imbalance, where I found myself alternating wildly between only being physically or mentally present while lacking the other half. It's designed so that you can wear it symbolically depending on how you trend.

Wear the body upright to position the physical as the supreme, or invert the body to signify that your mind dominates. It's up to you.

We have a very limited stock, but if enough people want it, I will make more.